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Welcome to Technical drawing group from 2d to 3d conversion website. Technical Drawing group provides Autocad 3d model, 3d Design, from 2d to 3d Cad conversion services. To reach our other Cad drawing services please click Cad Services button.
Our skilled Cad drafters convert 2d file to 3d model. Possible options are solid and surface modeling technics.

Why work with a professional company for 3D modeling?

When working with a professional company, you will get the best services and great value for your money. Ensure that the firm you hire has only certified professionals whose priority is high quality and accuracy. Does all the drawing done by the firm pass the Autodesk certified professional control panel? It is important that it does.
We’ve been providing technical drawing services for 20 years to our valuable clients. All our technical drawings under control of Autodesk certified professionals which one is the highest knowledge level of Autocad awarded a very few individuals. Your 2d to 3d conversion files will be reviewed by our certified professionals to ensure quality and accuracy.

Our solutions for conversion include

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3D Modeling - 3D Convert
3D Designing
Autocad 3D - Autocad 2D to 3D

Usually 2d Cad files convert to 3d model with two different ways. The method we employ is dependant on your specific needs.
If you would like to read some articles and get an idea please follow those links:
  • What is 3D Drawing? Let’s Find Out Here
    First things first,what is a 3D Drawing? This is any three- dimensional drawing that an artist can come up with. There are several ways in which artists can convey their dimensions in drawings, and one of them is the perspective. Other common ways include contouring and shading. That mentioned, it is important to mention that all 3D designs are created from 2D drawings, with some exception for some special art designing projects. 3D Drawings have become common in most websites, and perfectly designed drawings have a lot of potential in your website. Where you would be considering adding weight to your site, you will want to evaluate stylish 3D texts with shadows.
  • What is the important part of 3D drawing?
    To incorporate a 3D drawing to your site, you can simply place it in some sections of the content for enhancement or just as titles. Whichever part of your site you want to emphasize with these drawings, it is advisable to hire the services of a credible 3D designer. These professionals will incorporate the potential of 3D arts into your site. While you can use the Microsoft Word’s WordArt feature and the Adobe Photoshop to create the 3D effect in your site, a professional touch will cause the difference between a great and a good drawing.
  • Why should you get your 3D drawings from a professional company?
    The 3D drawing project to incorporate into your site should not be entrusted into the hands of any craftsmen in the market. You will certainly want to work with a group of skilled and experienced professionals and this is where the professional company comes in. There are many benefits of working with these 3D designers. In addition, they assure you of great customer satisfaction with 3D drawings that make sense to all your end users. The other plus of working with the professionals here is that the 3D files converted from the 2D drawings clearly show where they have an overhang or gap. This acts as a method of control before the professionals order a cut list or materials. With the drawing services that you will get from a professional company, the 3D drawings here are carried out by a team of Autodesk-certified professionals with extensive knowledge in Autocad.
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